Monday, 5 December 2016

2017 Machins Whats In Store For Us?

The year 2017 is coming up fast, it is not so far off now.  Everyone is wondering what Machins will be included in the stamp program. Royal Mail are being very secretive. In fact so mush so that the 2017 Stamp Calendar will not be published until the end of this month (December).

 The Royal Mail website only informs us that a special issue set of 8 stamps (Ancient Britain) is due for release on 21/01/2017 so no Machins there.

Still under embargo 06/02/17 is the great secret of The 65th anniversary of the accession to the throne, I can not see a Machin included in this issue, but there again I could be wrong so I am not taking wagers on it.

Not a secret

Now this is where my usual pinch of salt comes in, On 15/02/17 there are plans a foot to issue a miniature sheet and a set of stamps depicting Windsor Castle. It is my guess that a Prestige Booklet will be introduced, but will it contain a Machin pane? No one is talking about the contents. This is another big secret, so I am not taking bets on this one either!

What I am taking bets on (odds 1 to 5 on) is we will see a mixed retail booklet for the above Windsor Castle issue 2 x 1st special issues and 4 x 1st class Machins code M17L / MCIL.

Another Secret!

Every year the month of April is usually the month when we see tariff changes. Knowing Royal Mail (not one to miss an opportunity) we should have a tariff increase from them again. Expect something on the Machin front from counter sheets.

It is also possible that some of the business sheets and booklets may need a reprint by this time, so keep your eyes peeled for them too.

Looking for leaks and news is like asking the Masons do you really wear a pinny and do you have a special handshake? They just give you a blank look or say we have shares in Royal Mail, its a secret!


Ian - Norvic said...

1. Windsor Castle is issued coincident with Stampex so it would be surprising if there were no prestige book (although there wasn't one in September), and given that it is not a World War I issue I can't see any reason to exclude Machins - Royal Mail know how well they sell!

2. 2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the first Machin definitives, so I think we can expect some commemoration of that.

3. After all the anniversaries of the Queen's birthday and (longest) reign marking the 65th anniversary of the accession seems quite unnecessary which is why I think that Royal Mail will go big on this one.

4. It will be very surprising if there are no rate changes in March/April, which may bring some new airmail rate stamps. However, the booklets and business sheets have been reprinted recently in the new darker colour. Royal Mail's recent practice has been to order small print-runs for immediate delivery, but the 2017 printings may not be needed early in the year.

5. There were no changes to the higher value airmail rates in April 16, so the stamps printed in April 15 may be replaced. In fact I understand that the £2.25 has already been reprinted with a 2016 year code.

Roy Simpson said...

Thanks Ian,

glad that you enjoyed your holiday. It is nice to have you back with up to date news and comments.

machinmaniac said...

Some time ago there was a rumour that International Security Printers (aka Walsall) would change the backing paper for booklets and business sheets such that lines of "Royal Mail" text would be alternately upright and upside down. This would enable the printers to print upright or inverted without changing the finished product.

I see that on page 21 of the latest issue of Stamp Magazine Don Staddon states that Machin collectors should now be on the lookout for these, suggesting that they may already have been printed.

Roy Simpson said...

There you have it from Machinmaniac,(many thanks) keep your eyes peeled and report any findings.