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Tuesday 13 December 2016

Large £5.00 Sapphire Blue Machin??

Stuart Geddes has sent  me short email suggesting that the December issue of the Philatelic Bulletin have printed a statement concerning a new large £5.00 Machin to be issued on 6th February. This is in relation to the 65th anniversary of The H.M the Queen,s Accession to the throne.

Thanks Stuart very interesting.

A.G Bradbury's website BFDC have also released a picture of a first day cover depicting the mixed retail Windsor Castle booklet.


Trelantis said...

Presumably, with reversion to red NVI 1st from the purple Long to Reign Over Us, this will be the new dark red (SG = Bright scarlet) with new security code MCIL M17L.

Rental Crean Riau said...

Thank you for being yyou