Thursday, 1 December 2016

Scandinavian Special Presentation Pack

Sometimes it pays to scan the lots for sale on eBay as you can spot the odd bargain. This is my pick for today listed at Just £3.00 (buy it now) with £1.65 P&P to addresses in the UK. It has the cellophane missing on it but at £3.00 I would still consider it as a good buy well below the current catalogue value. The cellophane can be replaced.

These are the first Machin decimal stamps to be issued in a presentation pack on 15th February 1971. This pack though is actually a pack with a difference. The difference to the normal Royal Mail pack is this is the scarce Scandinavian Special Edition issued by the Royal Mail.

These Special edition packs contain the first twelve low value Machins. The contents are the half new pence value  to 9 new pence value. Twelve low values were issued marking the advent of decimalisation.

The set was brought together in this special souvenir pack and promoted in three Scandinavian countries during a British Post Office tour. In the inside of the pack are details of the stamps themselves and the tour dates. Below is the normal Royal Mail pack containing the same stamps.

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