Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Blue Sapphire Anniversary

Whilst collectors will be celebrating this landmark anniversary HM the Queen will be taking it easy on the day at Sandringham House.

Well lets be honest she does deserve it having spent the last 65 years on the throne. The first British sovereign in history to so.

The jubilee will be marked by eight new coins from the Royal Mint, One of which is worth a staggering £50.000. They will range from a £5.00 to £1000.00 denominations with retail prices from £13.00 for the basic to £49,995 for the solid gold limited edition of which will be 1 to 21.

As already reported Machin collectors can look forward to the Sapphire Blue £5.00 commemorative. Of which we now have a picture and some more details.

The stamps will be printed in gravure (sheets of 10) by Walsall Security print with a cylinder number W1 . The design will incorporate a iridescent code 65TH ANNIVERSAY OF THE ACCE17ON. The stamps do not have ellipses or security slits.

By the way Thanks Larry for the post below. Nice !!!

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