Monday, 13 February 2017

The New Security Backing Paper

According to an article written by Don Staddon in the latest issue of Stamp Magazine a 1st class counter sheet with printed backing paper (PBP2) alternative background text has been seen. It has a printing date 09/12/16 and has iridescent code M16L. We have already mentioned a 2nd class value from a business sheet.

Above SBP2

It is only natural and sensible to conclude that dealers and catalogue compilers will call this (PBP2) = Printed Backing Paper 2

How does it differ from PBP?

The lines of alternating text are either upright or inverted. Printers have done this not as a further aid to deter forgeries but as an aid in the the production process. More booklets, business sheets and counter sheets will follow in the near future.

PBP2 consists of :

The text “ROYAL MAIL” is printed on the substrate paper and is divided into four repeated lines of text they are all different., 

A wavy line of the text in the upright position in a small font.
A wavy line upright in a large font.
A wavy line inverted in a small font 
A wavy line inverted  in a large font.   


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This information is very helpful, thank you.

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This is unimportant. I collect stamps, not backing paper.