Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Clement Talbot Van 50p Booklet


I sometimes bid on and maybe occasionally win and pick up a bargain on eBay. This is a booklet that caught my eye this week. A booklet that I had not seen before (or knew existed). It is a 50p vending booklet from 1978 with a difference.

What is unusual with this is the missing colour ( bistre – yellow) from the cover. I have no idea what the value of this piece is but the seller indicates that it is somewhere in the region of £60.00. 

Understandingly this lot created quite bit of interest and fetched more than I was prepared to pay. The final price after a little frantic bidding was £18.99. I do not envisage another on line for sale anytime soon, so, perhaps I should have gone a little higher than my measly maximum of £17.99. Oh well, win some lose some as they say !

Missing Colour 


Since I wrote this Brian Morris has informed me that this is actually a dry print. If you click on and enlarge the photo, look closely you can just see the yellow dots on the newsmans clothing, the shadow near the front right tyre and on the bonnet ( hood for our US friends) is also visable. Many thanks Brian for your input. (see comments) 

The design by the way is number one of a series of six illustrations by artist John Ireland depicting commercial vehicles printed by Harrison & Sons


Brian M said...

This book is not missing colour but just a dry print. I can see the yellow on it.

Anonymous said...

The missing colour (lemon yellow) from the outside cover of the 50p Clement-Talbot van book is catalogued in 'The Bookmark' Catalogue. It exists in both versions - with pane DP28 and AP28A.

Hanns Fasching

Machin Man said...

Thanks Brian and Hanns for your comments. Brian as for dry print I would say a VERY dry print. You must have a good eye, try as hard as I can with my old eyes and still can not see it :-)

Brian M said...

All I did was to click on the image on the blog and it appears much larger where the yellow can be clearly seen. I also have examples in my collection of this and other various booklets with dry printed covers.

Roy Simpson said...

Thanks for the tip Brian. I did it and yes I can just see the faint print of the yellow in places.(The words The Star)on the bonnet of the van seem to stick out which as you say make this a dry print.

I think the light on the (photo) scan hides a lot.