Monday, 29 May 2017

Conflicting Reports

I have been trying to get an image and some information on the £1.00 gold foil Machins that are due to be issued on 5th June. So far the information has been conflicting. Rush stamps have a pane of 4 for sale on early order and state that they are printed in litho without phosphor.

Ian Billings has information on his blog which states they have 2mm phosphor bars as does the single printed in gravure from the miniature sheet. Either way (phosphor or not) they are both new stamps and will be catalogued as such.

This above is a pic of the block x 4 from the Rushstamps shop on eBay

As it is the anniversary I have uploaded this first day of issue cover showing the 3 values issued on 5th June 1967. Where has the last 50 years gone ? It only seems like yesterday. 


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Trelantis said...

If they are different, then only the £1 gold from the Prestige Book will be catalogued (by Stanley Gibbons) as they don't catalogue separately stamps from Minisheets. Not sure about other cataloguers.