Sunday, 4 June 2017

Update on Courvoisier Machin Trials

Last January I reported on the Machin trials produced by Hélio Courvoisier SA of Switzerland in cooperation with the House of Questa. Ian Billings also mentioned it here.

In the June 19 issue, Linn's reports that the three sheets of 100 subjects sold for $15,000, including the buyer's premium. The article also notes that another set of three sheets will be auctioned by the same firm, Daniel F. Kelleher,  in late June.

The article also mentions that a total of ten sets of three sheets were produced by Courvoisier in 1997. With the two sets being sold by Kelleher and one set donated to The Postal Museum, there are seven sets left unaccounted for.

Linn's original article on the trial panes is here. The realization article does not seem to have been posted on their site yet. I will update this post if the article appears on their web site.



Sir_Loin said...

Does anyone know where Ian Billings (Norvic Stamps) and Rushstamps sourced their examples that they have been offering for £150 for a set of three? Were they from the auction or privately bought from the owner? Obviously if they were privately bought that would account for another set of sheets (or even 2). I managed to buy a set of three with matching R/H side margins attached from Ian, a worthy addition for any Machin collector!

Anonymous said...

Ian Billings (Norvic Stamps), in his post on April 5, mentioned that two sets of three sheets were made available to the UK stamp trade. It seems that the sets have been broken up for sale. So this would account for another two sets.