Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Prestige Booklet 31/07 2017

On the 31st July a new prestige Booklet will be issued, but do not expect any Machin definitives. The last one issued for the 50th anniversary took care of our needs, so it may be nice to have a rest for a short time. At least it will allow us to save a few pounds ready for the next one.

This latest booklet only deals with special issues, not even a country definitive has been added to the fold which is a shame as some people do collect them as well as Machins. Below are some images of the cover and individual panes for those who may be interested

I am on holiday for three weeks, well my family is, they have arrived in mass so I will be busy for a while. During this time if I can post something that will be of interest I will, if not have a nice summer vacation your self . If you are not having a break dont work to hard and enjoy your stamps.


linda clark said...

People will love to read this kind information as they get many benefits regarding this topic. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

No Machins, oh well that's a nice saving, no need to buy these!!!