Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Latest News on the R.A.F Centenary Issue

Sometimes news drifts in to me in bits and drabs. I have already mentioned that the Royal Air Force  Centenary on the 20th March 2018 will include a custom booklet with a code M18L / MCIL.

I can  now confirm that the RAF issue will include the second Prestige Stamp Book of the year. This will have codes referring to 2018 printing and a P for prestige. A mixed pane of Machins + label will include 3 x 2p, 3 x 5p and (it is presumed) 2 x £1.17p.

The RAF special issues have had some pre-publicity, for those of you that may be interested these are a set of 5. 1st class Lightning F6, 1st class Hurricane Mk1, £1 40 Typhoon, £1.40 Vulcan, £1.57 Sopwith Camel, £1.57 Nimrod Mk 2.

There is also a Red Arrows miniature sheet of 4 planned.1st class Flypast, 1st class Swan, £1.40 Synchro, £1.40 Python. I mention these only for our readers who I know collect stamps with this ever popular subject of Aircraft.

The third prestige book of the year will (I am told) be issued on 13th September 2018 for the last in the series depicting the Great War 2018. It is assumed that this as with previous Great War booklets will not contain a Machin pane.

A fourth Prestige booklet is to be announced for the issue still kept under raps this has the issue date 16th October 2018.

                      Pic: courtesy of BFDC

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