Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The-first-pre-decimal-machin-booklets. Pt 2

A few weeks ago I started on a quest where I tried describe some of the first pre decimal Machin booklets. I sated that the 4/6d booklet was  the first issued and went on to describe the booklets  in general.

I have since that time delved into my earlier pre decimal Machin collections and found out that in actual fact the 4/6d booklets were not the first on the scene.

The actual first booklets to appear were the 6/- denomination. None pictorial cover. These made an entrance in 1967. The first sheet Machin as we all know was issued 5th June 1967.

The date on the first 6/- booklet (back cover)  is September 1967. the 4/6d booklets were also issued with a none pictorial cover. in May 1968. Shown below is the position of the date and year of printing. the one shown is the second issue October 1967.

When pictorial covers were introduced. The covers were bright and cheerful. This was about the time that collectors of Machins started to acquire the different booklets to form a basis of a collection.

The none pictorial booklets were mostly ignored at the time and today they are quite difficult as they have Gum Arabic rather than PVAl. The contents of the early booklets were 3 x panes of 4d sepia on OCP and as I said had gum Arabic. They had 2 phosphor bars.

The first 6/- pictorial booklets (British Birds) that followed had a bright orange cover, mostly the stamps had PVAl gum. There were ten different species of birds in the set which ran from June 1968 to October 1970.

I have most of these booklets in my collection.Some booklets with the same covers were issued more than once with a different printing date on the rear. They were also released with different stamp panes sometime in 1968 showing a 4d sepia withCB,then again in 1969 these contained 3 panes with 4d vermilion CB.

To make matters more interesting some panes had Head A and some Head B.

It should be noted that certain booklets were issued in error with mixed gums on the panes. GA and PVAl. Even today these are much sought after and fetch premium prices. This short article is only the tip of the iceberg. Pre Decimal Machins can be challenging subject when you get your teeth into it.

For more in depth information visit this link, passed on to me by a contact Ron who lives in Australia. I still have to visit it and absorb the information myself. I seem to forget more than I learn these days. Perhaps it is old age :-)

Look out for part 3 in the near future.I am also adding a link from our sites of interest to Ron's web site who has a passion for stamps and has lots of information on early Decimal Machin booklets.




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You like others I know appear to be confused with 'non' and 'none'. 'None' equates to 'not one' or 'not any' whereas 'non' plus a following word (often with a hyphen between) means the opposite of whatever that following word is.

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