Saturday, 27 January 2007

Back to Machins

The last two posts as you are aware deviated from the Machin slightly. So for all you Machin Maniacs, today I will get back on track.

Starting with a bit of advertising, namely my website

For those of you that have visited The SOGB groups site you will notice that some of the information has been reproduced from my site for the benefit of informing or educating members. There is also a thread discussing Machin Catalogues that is very informative.

Many other topics are under discussion, if you like GB stamps please pay a visit and join in the activities. It is free to join and the members are a very friendly bunch. You can swap stamps, list duplicates and join in the organised events such as Round Robins and prize competitions.

Hope to see you there on the SOGB chat (when I can find the time).

Keep on Stampin.

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samken13 said...

As a member of SoGB, I now have a new appreciation for the Machins thanks to your posts. I managed to find a used MCC manual and am looking forward to delving more deeply into my collection.