Thursday, 15 July 2021

Marginal Markings


When ever I buy a job lot of counter booklets is always nice to pick out panes with marginal markings to study. There are several that are obtainable which that can be found in most counter booklets. Panes for these books were made up from a original primary sheet of 200 which contained 20 rows x 10 columns. 

Each primary sheet can have left or right marginal panes catalogued either A or B. Some of the panes will therefor have marginal markings. These markings can show cut lines, top and bottom, or in the centre if they have been miscut. Other markings can be half arrows either top or bottom, Other markings can show the wording total sheet value in capitals and value of the total sheet amount in £s. We can also find cylinder numbers in row 1 or 2 of the individual left or right panes

Another collectable pane one of my favourites is that which show colour registration marks, these are in what collectors have called in the shape of triangles or chevrons. These are something just a bit different to the norm and make cheap attractive additions to a collection.

A couple of booklets showing the triangle /chevron markings are shown in the pics below. 

0.80p  No1 SG FE1B Aircraft series (DB2B 1914 and Vickers Gun Bus

£1.00 No1 SG FH1B Ironbridge from the Industrial Archaeology series 

I have these and a few others that are duplicates and are surplus to my requirements so they will eventually all go for auction on my eBay site. If you like what you see check them out.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Interesting Booklet


Yesterday I had a delivery of stamps from a recent eBay win. Several early booklets were included in the lot and a quick sort through and I came upon some nice cylinder booklets which will be welcome additions to my collection.  

I also came across this £1.55p SG FT2B (2 Letters Abroad) discount booklet with stars printed under the gum. What stood out like a sore thumb I noticed it has a pale patchy inking to the background colour. I  had seen something similar before so I ended up checking it in the MCC specialised catalogue only to find it unlisted. 

The first issue in the Social letter writing series £1.70p FT1A and FT1B ( Love Letters) was listed with a pale shade, so my mind was not playing tricks on me. The stamps do actually exist if they are in fact classed as "pale shade" but they have only been found to date without the star underprint and catalogued with a different booklet cover.  

I do not think it is worth a fortune but if you fancy a bid on it I have listed it on eBay starting at £6.45 which I think is a realistic price. Your comments are always welcome.

                                          Shown with normal for comparison

Saturday, 12 June 2021

1st Class Large Self Adhesive Forgery's


There are so many counterfeit stamps in circulation these days it is difficult to keep up. I have just received a small supply of these 1st class Large Machin counterfeit stamps which arrived in horizontal and vertical pairs. I presume they were originally on a sheet.

Although these are good enough to fool most of the general public they certainly do not fool the specialist Machin collector, or the post office for that matter.


1:  No year codes or source codes

2:  The ellipses appear to have straight sides

3:  There are nine straight lines of iridescent background text instead of thirteen wavy lines 

4: The Perforations appear to be sharp rather than the norm which are blunter

5: There are no phosphor bars or afterglow under UV light

6: They are on very thin backing paper, not card with no royal mail text.

Above is a scan of the item, and below is a scan of a genuine stamp, there may be more differences which I have not listed such as brightness of the paper.

If you would like a copy for your own collection I have listed a few of the extras on eBay, both singles starting at 95p and pairs buy it now at £2.25. I must stress these are sold as collectors items only and must on no account be used for postage.