Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Happy New Year


2021 was what I can only describe as a funny year all round, Covid restrictions were lifted to a degree and I started to enjoy that little bit of freedom that conditions allowed. I visited a couple of stamp meetings, which in its self I enjoyed more than anything. I also had a few pints in my local. Just mixing with friends again in a semi relaxed atmosphere reminded me just how lucky I was to still be here. I lost two very good people to Covid who I had known for many years. 

I  managed to get quite a few days fishing the river Severn over the summer months and hopefully I can do the same in 2022. Not that I caught anything special, the peace and tranquility of the river bank is a  great way to relax and forget ones troubles.

I did not manage to get a holiday. Hopefully that will change this year. My Christmas and New years eve celebrations was very quiet although I did have a lovely dinner with relations on the 26th. I have not made any plans as it is a bit early but I am looking forward to 2022.

On the stamp front I have been very active buying and selling, developing and adding to my pre self adhesive collection has been my main focus. Ebay being the main method. Although it is getting more expensive to sell via eBay i have obained some some classic bargains. All in all results have been very positive and it has helped me while away most the year.

I will continue to post here over the coming months when I can,  so please do continue to visit now and again. Until my next post I wish you and all mankind my best wishes and A very Harry New Year.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Farm Buildings Booklets 1978 With Misfolded Panes

Whilst breaking a collection of 10p Farm Buildings Booklets I came upon several with mis - folded panes. 

4 x FA6, Yorkshire 

4 x FA7, Wales

1 x FA8  Scotland 

Some have been sold already and I have retained one of each for my own collection. I still have 1 x Wales and 1 x Yorkshire as spares. If anyone would like them I am only asking for £5.00 each or £10.00 for the pair + postage at cost. Please email me gbmachins@gmail.com

They are folded across stamps 3 & 4 rather than across the perforation line and have a narrow selvedge perf type P. Payment via PayPal. First come first served.

Perfs are good to average and they have plate annotations written in pencil on the inner covers. This should erase should you wish to do so.

Monday, 1 November 2021

Enschede 2 mm Varnish Under The Phosphor


Due to several complexities collecting and identifying the Enschede issues with varnish under the phosphor strips poses a problem for many people. Dated marginal stamps can help solve this problem as the stamps are catalogued and described in specialist lists.

This week a selection of Enschede dated pairs is now trending on that auction site we all love to hate.

AY, A2Y, A3Y and A2B phosphors are listed. I see a couple with 4 mm varnish but most of them are 2 mm. Blue, cream and white gums are also listed. All of individual pairs in the lots have been identified in the description of the listings which helps to make the Machin collectors life just that little bit easier.

This pic is just one of several lots that are available.