Saturday, 20 January 2007

Tools of the Trade

Selling Online

I have been buying and selling stamps online for a few years, during this time I have dealt with thousands of enquiries, from collectors and dealers alike who for one reason or another are concerned with security on the net, or are worried they may get a raw deal from the online transaction.

I can understand this, after all said and done when online, you are actually dealing with a face less person who you have never met before and in some cases can reside in the outer reaches of Mongolia.

How can you be 100% certain the person you are dealing / trading with is a genuine honest person?

Number one on my list if I am buying or selling is to check if the dealer / collector has an eBay account, if so check their feedback. This is not a sure fire method but 99% feedback or over implies that the person has some sort of credibility.

Number 2, do they have a Pay Pal account or No Checks account? If they do then you know for certain that they have been checked out by professionals. No one can open these accounts without certain procedures being carried out first. Credit card, address and bank details must be given to open an account. You also know that if you use the Pay Pal method for payments then the transaction is encrypted and secure.

Number three. Are they a member of a stamp dealers association? Again if the answer is yes you can be sure in 99% in cases they are an honest and reliable contact.

I have mentioned in the past an organisation called

The Internet Philatelic Dealers Association.

If you sell online then this is one association I recommend that you join. There are no draw backs but many reasons that are possitive.

Fees are not expensive, $20US per year, and in the long run you get more than you pay for. Advertising your name and business, Free news letter 12 times a year. Contacts within the trade, but most important of all you get the respect and confidence of Internet buyers / sellers who will trade with you. I will go so far as to say you will also get more business.

The Non profit making association has a duly elected committee who insists on behalf of the membership that any new application for membership sign a disclaimer that they will abide by the associations rules and adhere to a strict code of conduct . They (applicants) are also checked out fully before they are given a membership number.

If you sell on the Internet (part or full time) or you have an Internet auction identity on eBay or Yahoo, or any other online auction for that matter you are welcome to apply for IPDA membership.

Apply today: I have included a direct link to their website , just click on application form and fill in your details its as simple as that. Once accepted download the logo for 2007.

This logo left: shows you are a upstanding paid up member, you can insert this in the header of your auctions or website, alternatively you can use it on your note paper and letterheads.

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