Thursday, 25 January 2007

Wembley Miniature Sheet

It seems as though Royal Mail are finally releasing the Wembley Stadium miniature sheet. The date announced is 17 May 2007. It has been said the stadium will still not be finished.

The design is to be changed for the third time. With the original announcement the england Pictorial Stamps were to be 68p values. These were to be changed to 72p last year, and now according to this new announcment they will be changed again to 78p representing the new 20gr rate ( April 2007 ) for airmail letters outside Europe.

The NVI 1st class Lion & shield Stamp although unchanged in design originally would have cost 30p , it then changed to 32p last April when postage rates altered. It will now finally cost collectors 34p, this is the new rate for 100g April 2007.

2nd class England Pictorial stamps will also have increased since the first Royal Mail announcement , from the original 21p, to 23p in April of 2006, and now after the 2007 rise, another increase of 1p to 24p.

This is an increase of ( for the sheet ) a face value from the original notification of £2.08 to £2.38 . A total of 30p extra.

Also announced on the same day will be a Smilers sheet of 20 Lion and shield stamps with 20 labels illustrating and describing 20 significant events from the history of Wembley Stadium.
These will include the 1924 British Empire Exhibition (SG 430-1), the 1948 Olympic Games (SG 495-8), Henry Cooper flooring Cassius Clay (1963), the 1966 World Cup Final (SG 693-5, 701), and Live Aid.

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