Saturday, 17 February 2007

Keeping Them Peeled

I often refer to an old saying of mine "Keep em Peeled".

Well by doing so, this is an example of what one can find amongst a batch of stamps that may look normal to the untrained eye.

The fault or flaw on these panes increase the value from 70p to £8.00 - £10.00

Welsh Farmhouse 10p booklets Issued 26/10/1978

I have just re discovered , whilst packing away a few bits and pieces, several 10p booklets (7 in total) where the 1p shows a slight error, or flaw in the form of a missing serif at the tail of the P in the value tablet on one of the 1p stamps that make up the pane.

This is a known flaw, pane cat no UMFB7h in SG Specialised Vol 4. I have been informed that there are another 9 flaws listed plus "phosphor omitted".
Another booklet ( 6 copies) I have shows a re touch in the form of a scar on the Queens neck on the 7p stamp. I may show you this variety at a later date.
To continue with the pane in question.
The single 1p value (crimson) stamp which is set below the label, also has a short centre band at the top (as do all centre bands below the label )

Some booklets (panes) are perforated with only one hole in the selvedge (margin) above the top line instead of going all the way through. Known to specialists as Perf Type P.
This variety (booklet pane shown above) comes from what we refer to as EEH extra exention hole which is only one hole in the selvedge type.

If you collect specialised single Machins ( or booklets ) then this is a stamp that should be in your collection.
Would you like a copy? If so, I am offering in conjuntion with Stamps of Great Britain 7 booklets to the first people who request them. There are still 4 booklets available.

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