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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Millennium Machin Variety

Collect Some Millennium Machin Varieties

This is the only Millennium Machin definitive Prestige Pane that was printed by the House of Questa. It originates from the Prestige Booklet " A life of A Century" commemorating the life of Queen Mother Issued on 04.08.2000.

The stamps are different from those Millennium Machins available from normal Questa retail booklets, having a bright blue fluor with a long wave afterglow.

The Ellipse is Type ( S ) resembling a sausage or cigar shape.

What is also noticeable to the trained eye, under magnification it can be determined that the panes are printed sideways left, all the Millennium retail booklet panes of 10 printed by Questa ( and Walsall ) were printed inverted. So these are unique and are listed in Machin catalogues as a specialised single.

The perforations are also different on this pane , 15 x 15 compared to 14 x 14 on the retail booklet stamps. Stamps from this pane also have a wider phosphor band 9.5 mm compared to 9 mm on the retail booklet stamps.

Look for error panes

Due to a phosphor shift stamps from positions 1, 4 and 7 are known with phosphor inset left from the perforations. These inset stamps are very desirable and will no doubt become rarities of the future.

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