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Sunday 25 March 2007

Modern British Philatelic Circle

The British decimal Stamp Study Circle which was the premier study association for Machins and Special issues merged with the GB DSB SC (last year) to form what I think is NOW the greatest stamp study association for collectors of GB. The new title as a result of the merger is now

"The Modern British Philatelic Circle"

MBPC was inaugurated on 1st January 2006 . It came about as the result of a merger between the two eminent specialist societies, the Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle ( GB DSB SC ) and the British Decimal Stamps Study Circle ( BDSSC ) .

No matter what your Modern GB collecting speciality is, from Wildings to the latest Machins or special issues, booklets, miniature sheets, cylinder blocks, generic sheets, you name it, they describe it.

In my humble opinion The MBPC IS the the only place to be if you want updated information on ANY of these stamps. Nothing is left out, descriptions go as far as to describe the wrappers and post office posters.

For your membership fee (which is a bargain) in the region of £8.00 GBP per year they publish a journal 6 - 7 times a year (Bookmark) they also have up to date specialist booklet catalogues for sale. The latest being the specialised catalogue of Self adhesive booklets.

Please do not be put off by the word "study", as they have beginners, medium and intermediate collectors on board as well as the hardened Machin and Commemorative / special issue specialists. They ( the members) all freely share their accumulated knowledge and they come from all walks of life.

In short: This Circle offers a complete and comprehensive study with coverage of all aspects of modern GB, News-Sheets, Newsletters, up to date detailed specialist charts, diagrams, lists, details and dates of new and forthcoming issues, last but not least philatelic articles, regular letters to the editor and a questions and answers pages. You will also receive a free copy of the latest Deegam Report 5 times a year.

On top of this, they also organise quarterly meetings and hold regular members postal auctions where you can buy or sell duplicates or unwanted GB material, where I might add many a bargain can be obtained. Can you afford not to join? Take my advice if you are interested or collect GB, get your name down.

For information visit their website ( below) or contact the membership secretary
T.Wilkins, 3, Buttermere Close, Brierley Hill, West Midlands DY5 3SD. UK .

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Anonymous said...

I understand their membership year runs from 1st July to 3oth June each year and no matter when you join you have to renew again on 1st July so I will be waiting fr that date to come around.