Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Multi Value coil Tail End

Even a display expert would have trouble mounting this item

On show above :

Is a folded se-tenant strip of six Readers Digest (15p value) 4p + 4p + 4p + 3p ACP/ DEX multi value coils. What is interesting about these strips is they are attached to the coil tail end, which very unusual. I have seen coil leaders but never tail ends.

The Strips are catalogued as number 06 of the multi value coils which were printed by Harrison and Sons. Issue date 10.10.1989

What are Readers Digest strips?

Some multi value coils were provided by Royal Mail for special customers, these were affixed in strips of 4 stamp to a card with wax, and used as return postage for promotions.

These coils were also sold eventually through philatelic counters, which must be the source of this particular item.

IE: Readers Digest, Drive Magazine and Marshal Ward are three of those known to use strips as promotional return postage. But they have always been known to collectors as readers Digest Coil Strips.

This is the first time I have come across an item like this in 30 years of collecting Machins. There can not be many of these in collections, so I have no idea of the catalogue or resale value. I can inform you I picked it up, in amongst a selection of other goodies on eBay.

If you are interested, it is for re sale, but I rather than put a ptice on it will to offers. If you want more scans Email me on gbmachins@lineone.net

The Strip:

The actual strip with the tail end paper is folded seven times and is approx: four feet (48" inches) (140 cm) long. The Six se-tenant strips of stamps amounts to approx 20 inches (55 cm) of this leaving the tail to measure approx 2 feet four inches ( 28 inches or 80 cm )

Stamp one shows: where it is attached to the tail, a selvedge to the left which is perforated through across the bottom quarter. This is actually a double selvedge folded under and stuck to the rear of the stamp.

How neat it is this for a centre piece to display in an exhibition, but how whould one mount it?

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Anonymous said...

I have seen coil leaders displayed in an exhibit. Just fan the strip of stamps out in a z-shape and then attach it to the page with corners like you would use to mount a cover.