Sunday, 1 April 2007

Doctor Blade Flaws

Bargain of the decade

Today I am going to offer some brilliant ( unique errors) for sale.

A second picture of the complete panes will be shown below.

On offer are:

Four 10p booklets Gibbons cat number FA2 inscribed March 1976.

These booklets show a nice horizontal doctor blade flaw in the form of a green line in the same colour that is used to print the 6p stamps. This flaw occurs as the result of either a dirty doctor blade or more realistically a bit if grit deposited itself on the blade from the 6p cylinder during the printing process.

You will notice the ½p stamps are overprinted with the green line in different positions.

Pictures: From left to right

1/ The flaw cuts across the top of the perforations and the stamps also a feint line in the top of the margin

2/ Again Two lines one on the margin and one a bit lower down which affects the stamps just below the perforations

3/ The two lines are dropped by a few mm and the bottom line cuts directly across the top ½p stamps below the perforations

4/ Which is a great example shows just one horizontal flaw across the centre of the stamps.

These booklets are on offer @ £100GBP for the 4, to the first person that contacts me (Postage & Packing will be free, if you wish to pay via PayPal however I do ask that you add £5.00 to the cost this will cover their charges. email me

Remember for you protection, I am a member of (The IPDA) Internet Philatelic Dealers Association, These are genuine errors and can not be obtained from any other source.

A close up scan(s) of the flaw can be requesed if required, only interested parties apply (no time wasters please)

This offer is on first come first served basis. If you are not completely delighted with the purchase I will give a full refund provided they are returned within 2 weeks of delivery.

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