Friday, 13 April 2007

Larry Rosenblum and GB Stamps

Sites of interest.

Another web site with a subtitle called Machin Mania.

I seems that I owe Larry Rosenblum an apology for using the same name as his site for this blog. I can only say to Larry that I did know about his website (which I rate very highly) and used the Mania title without thinking. It is a mania for me and thousands of other collectors.

I know that you read this blog and leave comments which we are very grateful for. If it is your wish Larry, I can change the name but this will mean that surfers who have bookmarked it or webmasters that have linked to it will have to change their settings. If it causes any confusion to you or your visitors and if it is your wish, I will.

I have also added Larry's site to my list of links ( more to be added soon) please do pay him a visit at

Larry is a Machin specialist based in the USA and provides a wealth of knowledge, News, information, links, and fun for collectors of Great Britain stamps and related material. This is also the home of the Great Britain Collectors Club web site.

Try your hand at the Machin Quiz or read up on his Questions & Answers page. There is also a great section on identifying Machins.

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larry said...


Thanks for your post, your generous offer, and the nice comments about my site.

I have no problem with you continuing to use Machin Mania as the name for your blog.

I am very glad you are blogging about the Machins. I think your blog fills an important gap on the web, and I intend to promote it and link to it, as well as chime in with comments.