Thursday, 5 April 2007

Two variations of the Arnold Machin Special Issue

What else do we have for you today? Another double dose of information to go with the Regional posting below.

As it is Easter weekend I may not get the chance to post anything for a few days so some new close ups of the stamps that will be incorporated in Arnold Machin miniature sheet may be a good idea.

These as I have already explained in an earlier post, so to catch up you will need to fast track backwards and read it if you want the full low down.
This sheet will comprise of the new ruby and the old violet £1 definitive sitting se-tenant vertically above each other. The new Ruby colour was devised by Jeffery Matthews, who is the originator of the Jeffery Matthews colour palette.

These two £1 values will be flanked on the miniature sheet by the two 1st Class Special Issues, one 1st class commemorating an early 4d Machin (right) from1967.

A 1st class stamp showing a portrait of Arnold himself on the other .

The Variation News

This is not publicised anywhere else that I know of, so this news will be quite fresh, I have found out that this Arnold Machin Portrait stamp will differ to that which will accompany the Generic Sheet of 20 in the fact that the Generic sheet will be printed by Cartor ( A subsidiary of Walsall) in litho and the ( min sheet) by De La Rue will be printed in gravure.

If you collect special issues you will have to buy both in order to keep your collection up to date.

The present £1 violet definitive is to be withdrawn from post offices on the date of issue of the replacement £1 ruby red, so the Ruby stamps will also be available in Counter sheets of 200.
The printers are expected to be De La Rue who print the current Machins in sheet form and it is expected that they will be printed from the same cylinder as the former £1 value.

Do please inform you stamp collecting comrades of this blog, ( and Michaels) as it was through him I decided to start it. Since its humble beginnings in November I have had some great comments.

One person suggests "I re-name it to that of Machin news, as it is the most informative site on the web that deals with Machin definitives, its counterparts and as a bonus always has the very latest news available".

Thanks for that, it is nice to know my work is appreciated.

Happy Easter to all

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Nice to see Mr.Machin in person..
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