Saturday, 2 June 2007

Comments, Links and Musings

Firstly I would like to thank all the people who have taken out time to comment, email me and add musings to this blog. Some 46 comments have now been left on site (which I feel is a good return for for the amount of postings) to date.

Many have informed me that they enjoy reading the blog and some of the information is new to them and the web. To name three Larry Rosenblum, Larry Matthews and Michael Dodd. A very special thank to you all for promoting it to your fellow collectors and readers of your own publications.

In the future

When time allows I am going to go through the previous posts and link the pages where one post or comment refers to another, this may help visitors as the blog gets longer and save them trolling through back postings to see whats available down the line.

It has now been going for 6 - 7 months and to be honest I did not realise there were so many posts, these blogs seem to grow like children, ( and stamp collections) you see them every day but do not realise they are getting bigger until you take stock.

One post I would like to bring to your attention is that of Catalogues - Gibbons Concise 16/03/07.

This is a recent email from Larry Rosenblum which refers to the same subject.

I have just posted a comprehensive, comparative review of the Stoneham Catalogue and the Gibbons Concise, which I call the GB Catalogue Shootout. I think you'll be interested in it.

Larry has taken the time to review both the Concise and Stoneham catalogues, and if you do not mind me saying so. Larry you have done a great job .

I have seen and flicked through a copy of Stoneham, but have not purchased it or read it.

I enjoyed reading the report very much, it is in depth, very well written and gives a good account of your fidings. Rather than pick out bits to reproduce, I have decided to link to it from these pages. I am sure readers will no doubt enjoy it also.

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larry said...

I have another suggestion. You have put many helpful identification hints in the blog. An index to these would be good so that readers can see what is available.