Monday, 25 June 2007

Enschede Cylinder Blocks

May I remind readers that I am still selling Enschede Cylinder blocks on eBay. Many have gone but I do still have another 90 - 100 blocks that are for sale.

These are yellow (AY or C) phosphor or blue (AB) phosphor. Blocks are available with 2mm, 4mm or no varnish.

Also, there are three types of gum, white, cream or blue tinted.

I will be listing these cylinder blocks in batches of 20 or so each week, dot and no dot blocks are available. All stamps listed are unmounted mint and are post office fresh. A money back guarantee if applies you are not 100% satisfied.

Grab your self a bargain

The starting price for all blocks is approx ½ MCC catalogue, and postage will be combined for two wins or more. These blocks will continue to be listed until supplies are exhausted.

If you wish to refresh or read the original post explaining these stamps and cylinders here is the direct link to my previous post.

You can also jump on to a link to the eBay sales page from the page above.
A profile of The Millennium Machin
For those of you that missed the quiz, you also missed out on the free gift which was a copy of my eBook entitled a Profile of the Millennium Machin.
If you would like a copy these are still available. But as the quiz is over if you wish to obtain it, this is only available via Pay Pal: Price £3.90

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