Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Next Prestige Booklet

Royal Mail have now announced details of the next Prestige Stamp Book. This will coincide with the special issues of British Army Uniforms. Issue date 20th September 2007

The Prestige booklet will be printed by Enschede of Holland. There are 2 definitive panes that may interest the readers of this blog. These are a mixed se-tenant Machin pane with a central label showing a cap badge and a mixed pane of Country definitive stamps with five labels depicting military cap badges.
The Machin pane ( Pane 3:) will consist of 3 values, these are are 2 x 1p, 4 x 46p & 2 x 54p. this pane will be printed in gravure. The Country Pictorial pane (Pane 4:) is of a block of 4 x 1st class country definitive stamps, one from each region. This pane will be printed in litho.


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