Sunday, 24 June 2007

Winners Machin Quiz

Will the prize winners please email me their postal address ?

I will then send out your prizes. The results are correct (or near) correct answers from possible 36 )

WINNER: 1st prize
(31) Larry Rosenblum:

I tossed a coin to determine the runner up

2nd PLACE: (heads) 2nd prize
(29) Andrew (Drew) aka Stampstudy

JOINT 2nd: (tails) (29) John Schorn

(27) Ian Billings
(25) Terry Wilson
(23) James whitford-Stark
(23) PDC (no name given)
(21) DBJ (no name given)
(20) Merriot Sebastion
(20) Mike Dainty
(20 K Brown
(19) Roger Spruce

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