Friday, 20 July 2007

Larry Rosenblum GB Stamps USA

Anyone who is serious about Machins has bound to have come across the name Larry Rosenblum. Larry is well known in Machin circles and has written many articles for the GB Collectors Club in the United States. I have also mentioned his name on several occations in the past.

Regular readers will be pleased to know that Larry (left) , who has his own Machin Mania website (more about this later) has agreed to continue with this blog and post here once per week whilst I am offline.

Many thanks Larry, we do appreciate it very much. This will not only help keep the site active, whilst I am offline, it will also give another person (s) respective to the blog on Machin musings.

Readers. Please help us to help you.

This blog has mainly been been set up FOR YOUR BENEFIT so please do respond to the posts, your input is very important to the maintenance of the site, just press the leave a comment button or drop us (my self) or Larry a line by email with your usual questions or comments. Larrys email address is LR@GBSTAMPS.COM

Many Thanks in advance for your support.


Now for something that seems to be on everyones mind.......A moan about Royal Mail.

Follow the link to Michael Dodds blog where he informs readers about a Royal Mail Stamp Issuing Policy Petition.

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