Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Nice to be back and many thanks to Larry Rosenblum

Have you ever thought what it would be like to loose your Internet connection for nine months or more? Well I can tell you first hand it is like loosing ones limbs. I certainly did not expect to be offline for so long. The reason? Well It is a long story so I wont bore you with it, after all said and done this is a Machin stamp site and visitors want to read about their favorite stamps not what has been happening in my life and the lack of my Internet connection for the best part of a year. Anyway I am now back, hopefully (Spanish connections permitting )for good.

Before I do leap into Machin mode I would like to give praise and many thanks to Larry Rosenblum for holding the fort for all this time, and also to give him that extra bit of praise for his excellent articles which have kept us up to speed on the Machin scene. I can say with all honesty, without Larry's help this site would have fizzled out like an ill-inflated balloon.

I am sorry its been so long Larry, you really do deserve a long earned rest now, but saying that I wish to extend the invitation, so please do feel free to continue to add to your musings on this site anytime that you feel the writing urge.

As I have already said nice to be back, my next post will be on your favourite stamps The Machin itself

Roy Simpson

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