Monday, 11 August 2008

SG Specialised Vol 4 & A Happy Birthday to Me

Well its not actually my birthday, as it passed a couple of weeks ago. My age? Don't ask, but I'm no longer 59.

One of my presents arrived today (a bit late) from the UK (talk about snail mail). Posted on July 22, I think it did a world tour before hitting the door mat.

The book was actually released 28 March 2008 - Rather than order it direct at the time I set my stall out and told everyone in my family what I wanted for a birthday surprise. IE: The new Gibbons GB Decimal Specialised Catalogue Volume 4 . Crafty me, knew that my eldest daughter always buys me something philatelic.

However as I have been out of the loop for some time so to speak, unknown to me until later, I found out that by following advice (from who?) it was decided to divide the former volume 4 into two separate volumes, 4 & 5 fast bound, to match Volumes 1- 3 in this series.

Needless to say I am not a happy chappie, now I have to either buy volume 5 my self or wait until Christmas. Christmas is months ahead, so it looks as though I have to spend my own hard earned!

Back to volume 4

After a quick shufty I see that the new volume 4 includes all sheet and booklet stamps showing the Machin' head, apart from the non-value indicator stamps (NVI's) and self-adhesives, which will be covered in the new Volume 5, along with regionals, postage dues, greeting stamps and other sections of the previous volume 4.

The new volume 4 lists all the Machin definitives issued between 1970 and the end of 2007 (except those mentioned above), with booklet panes and complete booklets in the comprehensive detail which collectors have come to expect from Stanley Gibbons.

I seem to be spending more money on catalogues these days than I do on the actual stamps, but saying this I feel it is a must to have the latest information at hand if you deal in the modern Machin errors like myself.

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larry said...

The new volume 5 is not out yet, and I don't believe there is a publication date set. You can keep your hard earned for a little while longer.