Sunday, 5 October 2008

Prestige Errors

Last year Ian Billings gave us some information regarding Prestige Booklets that were abnormal in their make up. After his first reports several more turned up over the following weeks.

It seems as though this may be a regular thing, as Dave Arthur has now reported that one of his customers has been in contact with another such report. This one is a copy of the 50th Anniversary of Regional Machins Prestige Book delivered from the Philatelic Bureau just a couple of days ago.
The panes in the booklet appears to be completely reversed. Jump on a link to Dave's Machin Forum for the full story.


It sometimes now pays to visit this site twice a day just for updates, as I now have news of a second Prestige Booklet error from the same issue. Again Ian Billings was first with the news of this particular error. A lucky collector from the Chester area bought Prestige Stamp Books (shame is was not you Dave :-) at a local post office. One of the purchases has two sheets of Pane 1, in the same booklet as shown on Ian's website above.

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