Sunday, 19 October 2008

Wanted Used GB Commemoratives

Many of you will have heard the name Micheal Dodd of CDDStamps Australia. He is well known in philatelic circles for his genorosity and runs a children's corner from his website.

He actually donates stamps to all up and coming young collectors FREE OF CHARGE. Millions of stamps have been donated by him in the last 5 years or so, helping these kids get involved in our hobby.

I have in the past, as it was for charity given him stamps to distribute on my behalf.

He recently wrote to me asking if I had any more for donation, used GB commemoratives on or off paper are urgently required to help build up some kids bundles as he he running very very low on stock.

As I am now located in Spain I do not get that much post so not to many used stamps come my way. I have informed him that if and when I go back to the UK for a visit I will obtain a couple of kilos for him but I do not know when this will be.

Can you help?

If so, Michael whould be very greatfull for anything that you may have surpluss to requirements. Even just a handfull from all who read this blog whould help him in his quest.

EVERYBODY, please see what you can do.

Due to the nature of his work , Michael is currently located in South Korea, so he is operating from there. Please send your donations to this address .

Michael Dodd
Apart 119- 1401
Ujangsan1 park
1159 Hwagok- dong
Gangseo -Gu
Seoul 157- 015
South Korea

Many thanks from Michael and us at MachinMania Blogspot in advance.

Roy, Adrian, Allan and Larry

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