Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Enter Jeffery Matthews

Last week we discussed professor John Hedgecoe, Lord Snowdon and Arnold Machins parts in the design of the Machin Definitive. What we failed to mention was that there was another name involved with certain elements of the design. The name is that of Jeffery Matthews MBE, FCSD, FRSA.

It is not only his role in the design of Machins that Jeffery has to his credit, Jeffery has had a long relationship with The Royal Mail going back as far as 1965 when his two first postage stamps (special commemorative issues) were released for the 20th anniversary of the United Nations. Two other issues of which are particular favorites of mine come to mind these are:

SG1236-1239. The 500th Anniversary of the College of Arms Issued: 17th January 1984 Printed in photogravure by Harrison & Sons Ltd. High Wycombe.

The second issue is that of SG1363-1366. The 300th Anniversary of the Revival of the Order of the Thistle Issued: 21st July 1987 .

There are many others, some have been documented by Larry on his website which I will deal with later.

One design which is not generally credited to Jeffery is that of design of a booklet cover DB14(22) first issued 22 Sepember 1992, This shows The Crest with Helm and Mantling and the badge of the Shrievalty Association. It was Printed by Harrison & Sons Ltd. Sold at 50p.

For those of you who need a mention we can get back to Machins for a brief moment. The booklet contained a se- tenant pane of 2 x 1p crimson 2 x 24p rust machins, shown below right.

There are several other mentions of Jeffery's work already on this blog, I do not want to repeat the articles which we have already written so you will need to go into the archives to view and read them. I do not have time at the moment to trawl through them to place a direct link so this should keep you busy for a while. I might mention that it is well worth the effort there is some great information on the Machin design.

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