Friday, 14 November 2008

Machin News Nov 08

For your information, these are the (initial) stamps that will be affected by the new security measures from January next year.

It is a fact that 50p and £1 Ruby stamps will be affected (as Larry reported below) but it has not been made clear at this time if these are to be re issued as self sdhesives.

"The other part of the announcement that has gotten little attention is that the water-activated versions of these Machins are being replaced with self-adhesives. (I'm not sure if this is only for sheet stamps or for coils as well.) Could this be the beginning of the end of water-activated British stamps?gives rise to the possibility that (all) current sheet stamps could be in for the change over at some later date".

This date has been mentioned by some for more values to join the ones detailed below "could be March /April 2009 when we see more values join the list".

April 09

This is the date when new values will be needed for a postage rate change. What are the new values that are in the pipe line? Does anyone know?

Here is the list of stamps that will be affected as it stands.

1st class gold, ( booklets and business sheets)
2nd class blue, ( booklets and business sheets )
1st class gold Large letter, ( booklets and business sheets)
2nd class blue Large letter, ( booklets and business sheets )

50p light grey, counter sheets (unless these are to be reprinted in self adhesive format?)
£1 ruby (ditto?)

1st and 2nd self adhesive rolls or coils.

We will be keeping a close eye on these developments and any new information will be posted here as soon as it has been confirmed.

If you have new information please reply to this thread or email my self or Larry.

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