Sunday, 2 November 2008

Garmelow Manor

Nothing what so ever to do with The Machin stamp except for the fact that this post does represent Arnold, his wife Patricia and son Francis,s former home Garmelow Manor.

Even though the post is not about the actual stamps themselves I am sure that some of you will be interested in the content.

Yesterday I wrote that had an e-mail from someone who was employed at Garmelow Manor. I was waiting for a second e-mail from him with photographs taken of the estate at Garmelow. This has now arrived and contained some great unpublished pictures of Arnold's former home, estate and workshops.

As far as I know these are protected by copyright by the owner, but he has given me permission to share them with you. If you wish to copy or use them for your self please write to me for the owners email address to get his permission first.
The property itself was very large, has huge private lake and most of the barns had been converted, some in mind for the Machin arts foundation, and there was also a private museum.

There are pictures are of the fountain Arnold Machin created. The picture of the building with the three doors is of Arnold's studio where most of his work was carried out and where it sat untouched until the sale of the property.

All the wooden shelters you see were designed by his son Francis. I have several more to show you of the out buildings, but to save on loading time I will post these tomorrow if I can find the time, if not tomorrow I will publish them at a later date.

The owner has informed me that he also has interior pics etc but these are still on camera and as yet have not been down loaded. As soon as they are available they will also be forward onto me for publication. I have full advance permission to publish them.

Many Thanks to L (name withheld for anonymity)


Anonymous said...

wow looks very intresting, you can see the phone box Francis Machin designed in the last pic also. will be intresting to see the museum pictures

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Emilio said...

i live right by this place and have visited it to.

Anonymous said...

I have been in this place and seen the stamps alos i live fairly near.