Thursday, 8 January 2009

Design Classics PSB and Darwin PSB

Thanks once again to Ian Billings fresh News has recently been posted on the net. Some of this new information on Machins can be found on The Virtual Stamp Club website. This deals with the Machins from the Design Classics PSB se-tenant pane, and continues with more news of the se-tenant pane from the Darwin PSB.

Ian states that they ( 16p values and 50p values) "are distinctly different to the ones from ordinary counter sheets".

These new stamps, are the very first Machins which have been printed by Cartor of France and this fact seems to show in the actual colour shades of the printing.

Ian also posted images of the stamps that are in the 12 February Darwin PSB Machin pane - he goes on to say "the 5p is stunningly different !"

The other two Machins 10p values and 48p values in the Darwin booklet are of slightly lighter shade from counter sheet issues.

Ian has supplied these and informs us that they "are actual scans" and goes on to say " These are scans of the actual stamps: I don't think we've had a 5p - or indeed any Machin - quite this colour before! These Machins are printed by De La Rue, in litho (sheet stamps are in gravure)".
Ian has informed me that he has started his own blog dealing with GB New Issues, this has now been added to our links section. Catch up with all the latest on GB Special issues here at
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Ian - Norvic said...

You Machin experts can identify heads and reproduction types better than I can, so I didn't even try!

I had thought, however, that the DLR printings would be the new computer-engraved heads. Just goes to sho....