Friday, 27 February 2009

Bits & Bobs

I had another house guest turn up (out of the blue) on Wednesday. My son in law ( left) came over on business and paid me a short visit. Braver than me, it was not that hot!!

Anyway whilst he was here he gave me a packet of used stamps (uncancelled on paper) in among them are half a dozen of the new security type Machins. Later today I will have some fun and try to remove them using the different techniques we have talked about. I will let you know how the operation turns out in a later post.

I also had a mail delivery from my address the UK. The Bookmark Journal arrived (February 2009) and the Deegam Report (80) both are interesting reading.

From the Deegam Report 80 (page 4) is a public announcement regarding the two terms Douglas Myall will use used to describe the two types of Self adhesive gum. In order to explain will have to quote his report here, I hope he does not mind.

"The laminate used for current self adhesives has several layers, including two gums ( acrylic and PVA). This type is denoted by the term OFNP/PSA the letters PSA may be regarded as made up of an amalgam PVAl = the letter (P). Self adhesive = (SA) and Acrylic adhesive (A), thus indicating the duel nature of the gum. The water soluble PVAl layer was originally included to make it easier for collectors to soak used stamps of the backing paper.

With the new security (slit) stamps this facility has now been abolished. Since the (P) element will no longer be part of the laminate, the new version will be designated OFNP/SA. This term will now be used in his level two handbook headings. Thus all sheet and booklet stamps will be new at Deegam level two

Public Announcement:

The two terms of OFNP/PSA and OFNP/SA are placed in the public domain in the hope that they will be used by other publishers and by dealers, with the meanings he has assigned to them, to the benefit of all collectors.

Current Machin Issues

Some printing dates and cylinder numbers (thanks to the editor Keith Woodward, Bookmark Journal)

1p D2/D1 20/01/07 - 20/03/07
5p D2/D1 16/03/07 - 19/03/07
48p D1/D2 08/05/07
£1.00 D2/D2 15/03/07 (mauve)

9p D1/D1 19/03/08
1st L D1/D 25/02/08 - 26/02/08
2nd L D1/D1 27/02/08

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