Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Alcohol Does The Job

From Ian @ norvic.

I was using alcohol-based after-shave to clean something and thought that it might also dissolve the gum on these new stamps. The result was spectacular: This wasn't just any after-shave, it was M&S After-Shave!
See norphil. blogspot.com/2009/03/security-machins-how-to-remove-from.html

From me:

I tried using harpic on these stamps and got the same results, a spectacular error with half the print missing. The stamp came away from the backing paper in a Giffy. You can also remove the print with a pencil erasure so watch out for spectacular errors on e-Bay..

Alcohol works, but is it worth the effort?

I have come to thinking WHATS THE BIG DEAL why remove these stamps from the backing paper at all? The mint stamps are collected on backing paper so why not used stamps too? This solution solves all our problems.


Anonymous said...

I agree, it is time to move forward with the technology. just neatly snip round the used stamp, keeping as much of the cancel as possible.

Far better than destroying the specemins we come come across.

Ian - Norvic said...

Harpic is (or was) bleach-based so I'm not surprised at the destruction.

You must be right round the bend :-)

Terry said...

I received a new 1st class stamp on a Jiffy bag a few days ago. I left it in just warm water (in the sink as it happened) for about an hour, and off came the stamp. The oval sections are perfectly intact and not displaced or opened up from the surrounding stamp in any way. So, what's the point??? Fraudsters can just soak them a little longer and off they come.