Friday, 6 March 2009

More Machin Links

With the cat (wife) away, the mice will play, it is a true saying. Yesterday I spent a few hours on the computer whiling away until the early hours of this morning. After completing my work I surfed the net for a short period and came up with a couple of sites which mention Machins. I found both interesting and have now added them to the blog links table, bottom left.

The first is written by Mac Strathdee (phos 45) who is based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The site is called The Machin Blog and it is worth a visit. It is written that is dedicated to definitive Machins of Great Britain .News about postal matters, and collecting interests, many topics offered, with links to the best of philatelic writers online.

A second site I visited actually refers about the stamp collecting interests of Sebphilately, who is based in Montpellier, France. Seb lists many countries in his musings , but has labels directing visitors to both Machin and Great Britain Postings.

A really cool site, not Machin related but one which I feel you will find interesting is Smilers News. The definitive guide for all British Customised Stamp Sheets or Smilers sheets. I spent an hour or so reading about this collecting phenomenon. The news archives were very interesting and the lists have information on more or less every Smilers sheet issued from day one to date.

The webmaster also mentions onsite that there are four more Smilers for Kids Packs due out in April '09 plus four 20 x 1st class Smilers for Kids sheets. Do kids actually buy these these ? Can they afford it?

My last post of call was the IPDA chat room where I spent a hour chatting to old friends. Allan the administrator has asked me to give an open invitation to anyone who wishes to visit. Here you can talk about stamps, anything else including Machins or the the size of your perforations for that matter. Someone is normally in the room between 12 - midnight and 2am GMT.

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" Smilers"

I am a 58 year old kid and I definitely can not afford them.