Monday, 23 March 2009

New Machins Printing Dates / Deegam Free Bee

I now have the printing dates for these Machin values. All are Cylinder D1/D1.

17p 24/01/09
22p 22/01/09
62p 24/01/09
90p 25/01/09

To recap the security Machins (sheets) were printed on these dates

1st 03/12/08 D1 D1 / pD1
2nd 04/12/08 D1 D1 / pD1 ( one centre phosphor bar)
1st-L 09/12/08 D1 D1 / pD1
2nd-L 10/12/08 D1 D1 / pD1( two side phosphor bars)
50p 08/12/08 D1 D1 / pD1
£1.00 08/12/08 - & - 09/12/08 D1 D1 / pD1

These high values were printed only a few days before the latest issue.

£1.50 20/01/09 D1 D1 / pD1
£2.00 20/01/09 D1 D1 / pD1
£3.00 20/01/09 D1 D1 / pD1
£5.00 20/01/09 D1 D1 / pD1

Just out of interest does anyone have the printing dates for the new Country Pictorial definitives? I have sneaky feeling this is the last time we will see these stamps printed on RMS paper with PVA gum.


I was going to leave this until tomorrow, but as I am returning to the UK on Thursday for a few days I will be very busy over the next couple of days before I leave and may not have the chance to post it.


Did you know that the Deegam Priced Catalogue of Elizabethan Coil Leaders 1954-94. Can be downloaded free of charge?

"This major work is now out of print but is included in the CD version of the Deegam Handbook, where all Machin leaders issued to date are dealt with in Appendix 1. This 1994 edition lists all the Elizabethan coils from the start of Queen Elizabeth's reign to 1994."

If you do not yet own a copy of the Deegam Handbook on CD, this free PDF file can be downloaded from Douglas,s website . You do not need a password to do so, just click on the green download button on site.

The pdf file is 2.5 Mb. The contents include:

Illustrations of all text layouts on leaders

All Wilding leaders issued during the experimental graphite and early phosphor periods are listed.

Graphite and phosphor overprints illustrated

Original research on the alphabets used on Wilding leaders

How the Post Office stock code letters were allocated

Unique catalogue system based on stock code letters

Leader attributes include type and colour of paper and whether it is watermarked or gummed Separate sections for single value and multi-value rolls

Commemorative leaders included

An account of roll production on the Chambon press

Coil join pairs explained and listed

Coil vending machine test labels and their leaders

How to fold and arrange leaders for display

Packaging labels illustrated

Well what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present, nip over to the Deegam website and fill your boots. Oh by the way, Don't thank me, thank Douglas!


Ian - Norvic said...

recording the dates could get complicated - we really need one list which is constantly updated. But I've been told these additional dates for the new stamps:

17p 23/01/09
22p 23/01/09
new 54p - 22/01/09
62p 25/01/09
90p 26/01/09

56p 28+29/01/09
90p 28/01/09

56p 29/01/09
90p 04/02/09

56p 03/02/09
90p 29/01/09

56p 03/02/09
90p 04/02/09

Machin Man said...

Thanks for the dates.

A good idea Ian,when I get back from the UK I will group all the dates together that we have listed on site. These I will place on one page and add a direct link at the left of the page.

My self or Larry can then edit it and add to the list when ever it is nessessary.

Machin Man said...

larrys dates have been confirmed by richard parsons, who has sent me some nice scans.

I will show you some of the scans and deal with the date page as soon as I can.