Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A reply From Ian

Ian has replied to the last post informing us of other errors to recent Prestige booklets which he has recorded on his website.

Reproduced below

"On our site we also have similar errors in the Darwin and Machin Anniversary booklets. Strangely, despite the apparently huge number around, nobody ever contact me to say that they had found similar errors in the RAF Uniforms booklet, so if anybody reading this has any, I'd be pleased to report them "- contact at

We are always interested in your reports of any errors you may find on new issues, or older issues for that matter, be they inset bars or short bars, miscuts, duplicate panes etc. If you are one of the lucky ones, please do get in touch and share the find with other collectors.

For ease and future reference I have now added a direct link to my own and larry's e-mail addresses in the header of this blog. You may still leave your comments on site, but if you prefer to contact us direct for any reason, this is the way to go.

Ian's latest blog post is very interesting, If you are into Regional and or Special issues I suggest to read it. He describes in great detail the phosphor positioning on copies of the Robert Burns 250th Anniversary miniature sheet. Read it here

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