Saturday, 21 March 2009

Stamp Printers By Glenn H Morgan

If I remember correctly, Larry wrote about this website some time back. What we failed to do at the time was to add a permanent hyperlink to our selected list of sites to visit ( bottom left ) which is what I will do today.

To recap on the web site. It is one of the many free online philatelic resource on the net. This particular site managed by Glenn Morgan is about postage stamp printers and the processes that are used to produce them, amongst other topics. It has a lots of information about stamp printers including British institutions such as Walsall Security Printers, Printing at Enschede and the House of Questa.

As well as other printing-related topics, there are several interesting articles for Machin collectors, including one describing Jeffery Matthews MBE lecture where he spoke about his work to an audience of enthusiasts.

Another entitled The Genesis of the Machin Design is a must to visit, explore this page and read. Once you have visited this site I feel you will like myself be captivated and will want to explore the pages more and visit again and again.

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