Thursday, 7 May 2009

Faststamps Forgery

Riddle of the week: What is the difference between stamp collecting and the quick scam?

The answer is nothing, they can be one of the same.

There is always someone out there that wants to make a fast buck at the expense of other peoples ignorance. More and more scams are appearing, cutting or repairing perforations, changing postmarks or cancels not to mention the actual printing of the stamps them selves.

I found this information on the net and thought that I should pass it on to other Machin collectors, non of us that read this blog will get burned.

First day covers which are clearly forgeries, showing the set of the Post and Go Machins have started to appear on eBay. The session number (7066 Bristol ) in which the stamps were obtained is thought to be much to high for stamps issued on the first day. They are also cancelled Glasgow.

I will not go into to much detail as the The Faststamps website will explain all.


Ian - Norvic said...

Forgery might be too strong a word, Roy, when the cover has been legitimately produced. My own Faststamp FDCs from Bristol have the Bristol permanent handstamp applied at Cardiff Handstamp Centre, and not on the day of issue. But everybody who bought one knows that.

This Glasgow handstamp is available under the reposting service from Glasgow Handstamp Centre. The real question is why would anybody want to have a Glasgow cds on a Bristol set, which purport to be first day postmarked? It's ridiculous but somebody with more money than time to think will probably pay far too much for it!

Machin Man said...

Ian, thank you for your observations on this topic. As a cover producer you are more in the know than most.

Perhaps we should change the title of this thread to "When is first day cover not a first day cover?