Saturday, 6 June 2009

Machin News June 2009

I think I may have neglected to give you a May edition of Machin News, So I will entitle this post machin News June 2009.

Here are clearer images of the two panes to be issued in the Treasures of the Archives PB on 18th August. You will notice no indication of perforations or ellipses on these pictures, but of course you can expect them to be added on the real thing.

Pane 1: show the 4 x 1st class and four 20p double headed Definitives, bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria from the 150th anniversary of the Penny Black stamps.

Notice the Penny Black portrait of Queen Victoria in the background.

Pane 4: shows 4 x 17p Machin Definitives, two 22p Machins and two 62p Machins set around around a GPO logo label. The images top (left) show 2 x reproductions of the proposed 1937 coronation issue for King Edward VIII. The background reproduces the design of this head.

What are your views on all these old designs being resurrected by Royal Mail?

Below is a picture of the pane from 16th Feb 1999 Special by Design PB, Issued on 15th February 2000, This was issued 10 years after we put this issue to bed last time round. For your information this pane was printed by Walsall Security in gravure OFNP(C)/PVAl paper.

A few months ago I showed you other printings of this design (see them here)

One issue we failed to mention

On 31st March, a presentation pack was issued containing the five Machin Post & Go stamps that first appeared in October 2008. However, these have the denominations preprinted in gravure by Walsall.

The pack which does not appear to have a pack number was priced at £2.75. Each Post & Go stamp carries the Office Identifier for the Galleries Post Office in Bristol which is 020511 - this being the first office to use the machines. These Post & Go stamps that are completely printed in gravure can be identified by having the fixed code 0205111 - 08445. These are to classed as new specialised Machins

More News

The third Design Classics themed retail booklet will be issued in August 2009. The booklet will contain 4x1st NVI gold and 2x1st NVI Concorde special issue stamps. And now a fourth Design Classics themed retail booklet will be issued in September2009. The booklet will contain 4x1st NVI gold and 2x1st NVI Mary Quant special issue stamps.

The most asked question in 2009

Please, can I have a raise? All my pocket money seems to go to Royal Mail these days.


Ian - Norvic said...

When were the new Design Classics booklets announced? - and where? No mention in the Philatelic Bulletin received last week, and no info has been sent to the trade.

Last I heard the 3rd - Spitfire and Concorde booklet was postponed until January. That, of course, was before they announced the DC2 set in January. Obviously issuing booklets with the 2009 stamps when you've just issued 10 new stamps would be confusing.

And on the subject of confusion, Graham Howard reports on Smilers Info News that the Thaipex Exhibition Smilers sheet will be a sheet of 10. The Bulletin doesn't mention the size but does say it is £8.35 - the price of a sheet of 20.

Some email inboxes will be buzzing tomorrow morning!

[HeHe! the verification word for this post is uproorsic - how appropriate!

Machin Man said...

Hi Ian,

I also heard that the Spitfire /Concorde booklets had been delayed until January next year. And until yesterday had no idea that the Mary Quant booklets were in the pipe line for 2009.

A friend passed this information to me, I have no idea where he obtained it, and I have not confirmed it as yet.

One never knows what to expect with R.M these days.

Ian - Norvic said...

Royal Mail have confirmed that the new booklets will be issued as you detail above.

What's more, they've pointed out that this information was included in the News Bulletin they sent us on 27 May - trouble is it was tucked away in the calendar of forthcoming issues, and was not mentioned in the 'editorial' part as a change to the schedules. These really warranted a separate mention as they will be new stamps.

That will teach me to read every single word in their Bulletins more carefully in future.