Friday, 12 June 2009

New Security Slits

Here is a drawing from Vince Patel who posts on the Machin Forum. It clearly shows the security slits used on the New Machin Horizon label.

Vince describes them as slits which resemble a series of finger nail marks. Is this Royal Mail taking security to far? After all said and done these are franked at the post office counter, so no way can they be reused.

We have already stated that this is a trial of which they were only available at (from) the Branch Post Office at Camden High Street, in London, the date of the trial started Monday 8th June.

I have no idea if the trial is still operational, but it is my guess that it will be trialed for a few weeks at the least, one day would not enable them to trial it at all .

Only time will if these new security slits will be the norm on all definitive stamps in future. What else can this trial be for?

I guess (again) we will have to wait and see for the answer to this question and a second question. How many values will be obtainable if these labels go nationwide at some stage?

If the trial is successful, will all future self adhesive definitive stamps eventually revert to and have these type of security slits? I await the results to these and other questions with baited breath.

On a finishing note , good luck to anyone who tries to soak these, and just in case there is a switch over, start saving up now!!


Anonymous said...

Another set of high value Machins with new security slits....a nightmare! Let's hope that is not next year's Spring Surprise.


Ian - Norvic said...

When rather than if these go nationwide, they will have a multitude of values, with the usual service indicators.

As anybody has seen Horizon labels knows the standard service indicators are

2L 2LL 2PK*
1L 1LL 1PK*
A (airmail)
SU (surface)
SD (special delivery)
MOR (Mail Order Return)
FP (Fully Paid)

* 2nd, 1st & Br Forces Letter, Large Letter and Packet.

But within this of course any value can be created, depending on the weight, size, zone, extra services, and the value of any payment in stamps. MOR & FP are usually zero values.

My guess is that when Machin Horizon labels go nationwide they will be a different design, unsoakable and with security slits, and most collectors will generally be satisfied with one of each type of base label, rather than all the service indicators. Other collectors will squirrel away everything the can find!

Brian Sinnott said...

The service indicators are likely to change slightly prior to a nationwide roll-out. Also further currently available indicators include '1st' for Inland Blind (cecogramme service) and 'AX' for Airsure.
..Brian the blogger