Saturday, 22 August 2009

List of Machin Values and Colours

Someone recently asked me ( I can not remember who it was) if I knew of a website that listed all of the basic Machin Values and colours. Also if possible one which the date of issue was given.

At the time I referred him to the online Connoisseur catalogue.

Since that time, as I was surfing Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, I came upon this page which lists all Machins issued up to April 2008.

Above: - The 4d vermilion of 1969 replaced the dark-coloured 4d of the original 1967 issue

I thought this site ( page) deserved a mention, as who ever wrote it went to a lot of trouble to list each individual stamp in its actual colour box, it also mentions Regionals, Anniversary and Airmail stamps.

Please note:

This is a list of all the major variations of the Machin series of postage stamps in the United Kingdom. The complete list of all variations is vast and outside the scope of the encyclopedia.

The colours and the colour descriptions are to be used to give an idea only, as each catalogue and website will reference the colours differently.

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