Saturday, 10 October 2009

A New Link Added

Every GB stamp collector I know looks and hopes to find that elusive "error". Well now we have some serious help in the form of a publication dealing specifically with this subject.

Although not new to the philatelic bookshelf, Tom Pierron's Catalogue Of GB Errors is a piece of kit that every serious collector should own.

I actually own the early version of this masterpiece which includes a CD. At the time of the purchase (2005) the RRP of this book was normally £39.95 but as this book was updated and re printed (2005). I got it cheap from an eBay listing.

The 2003 publication shown was available on eBay (under the heading Philatelic Publications) at the rock bottom price of £4.99, (Buy it now). It is presumed that this was whilst stocks last.

The latest updated catalogue (2008) is priced £49.95. The electronic version is also available on the web site, very very cheap at £19.95. These also list commonwealth missing colour errors as well as all the modern GB 1952 to date.

THE CD : "Searching and sorting is faster, friendlier and more flexible. There are now options to Show individual stamps or sets; Sort by country, date of issue, date amended or most viewed; View results with images or just as text.

Quick links have been added to the right enabling you to rapidly navigate to favourite sections of the site, find particular error types, and view all entries from specific countries."

This catalogue is respected and used by both collectors and dealers around the world to identify sort and price all Queen Elizabeth II postage stamp errors. This book contains over 10,000 high quality images of all known errors. Each stamp has a brief description and a catalogue value. It includes every Machin error know to date and even shows how many of each error are know to exist! It will also give you a realistic price of all the stamps listed.

Give the website a whirl, and add it to your list of favourites.


Ian - Norvic said...

Oops: it's not possible to edit comments, so I'll repost the last one in the right order:

Is that last paragraph yours or theirs?

The scope of errors listed is limited, as far as I know and does not include, for instance, duplicate pages in recent PSBs.

I wrote to Tom about this aspect but did not receive a reply.

Because I don't deal specifically in errors - although as you say we'd all like to discover one! - I don't have a need for the book.

Machin Man said...

I think the last paragraph was a mix mach of theirs and mine, I wrote it back in 2006 for the IPDA, so I can not remember.

I can understand you not owning one. Sometimes ones specialised knowlege is enough to get by. This is the reason I bought the cheapie in the first place. I did not want to spend a fortune on something I may not use to often.

Although Machins are listed these are limited to missing colour, wide bands, imperforated and missing phosphors. Its been a while since I read it and I have not actually read the updated version at this time. I did notice a couple of newish errors on the web site.

I should have mentioned that Special issues take up most of the space in the book and are the main subject. And this is the reason I have linked to their website. Lots of Machin Collectors also collect Special issues.

Booklets and booklet pages are another matter. A specilaised subject on their own. These are not listed as Ian points out. PERHAPS ONE DAY?

The MBPC( Modern British Philatelic Circle) and the Machin Collectors Club are more likly to list actual booklet errors.

Deegam and Connoisseur list the above Machin)errors including inset, short and notched bands. Connoisseur also lists error booklets to a degree.

The old saying comes to mind, you can never have enough catalogues.