Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Questions, Questions !

Another Question this time from Brian B.

"Can you please write something about the different perforations on stitched booklet panes. Some stitched booklet panes with rarer perforation types are more valuable than others"

Brian, I am not an expert on booklet pane perforations, but I have found a website where you can get more information and images of the different types. The codes normally used in 99% of catalogues are copyright of the MBPC and one needs permission to publish them on the web.

One such web site which has reams of information is that of Denis Stevens. My advice pay it a visit.

Here is a direct link to one of the pages which deal with this subject. Shown above are just two of the many perforation types (type P & type AP) which are listed on his website.

Thanks go to Denis for continued permission to use images from his web site.

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