Thursday, 3 December 2009

R S Prestige Pane & Cover

A new printing date has been reported for the £3.00 national definitive with security slits / self adhesive gum.
Printed by De La Rue, in gravure, 2 phosphor bands: date (23 2/09). The only Previous printing date date known for this value was was 20/01/09

Above are Royal Mail publicity images of the cover and Machin pane from the Royal Society Prestige Booklet (Cartor) due to be issued on 25th Feb 2010.

Below is a picture of the Olympic & Paralympic Games 6 x 1st-class mixed booklet (Walsall) also to issued on 25th February 210. The Special issues depict Athletics Track and Basketball. This booklet will be priced at £2.34.


Robert said...

I think that should be £2.34 unless RM is offering a surprise discount!

Machin Man said...

I will take my 10p hat off to you Robert for spotting this un-deliberate mistake. I have now amended the cost price. Thanks

Robert said...

It is also interseting to note that, despite the fact that the Olympic book is almost certain to be printed by Walsall, the image above shows a series of D1 cylinder numbers, which would suppose that De La rue is the printer!

Ian - Norvic said...

I've received preliminary stocks of 30 booklets non of which has a cylinder number.

Note that - and this will be the subject of a separate blog entry I'm sure - on 15 December the 12 x 1st booklet will be available with no printer's name on the back cover. This is an extension of removing the printer's logo from the counter sheets on recent printings, and from their FDCs. Are Royal Mail trying to make life difficult - what purpose does this serve?

Robert said...

Good question - none!
Note that the 6 x 1st book will also be reissued with a major change on 26 January - the capital 'P' in 'Postcodes' on the website address on the label on the inside front cover will become a lower case 'p'!

GBStamps said...

This is strange. First Royal Mail goes to a lot of effort and expense to put "hidden codes" on the secure Machins to identify the issue format.

Then Royal Mail turns around and removes printer identification information...surely just as important as the format.

I think Royal Mail is spinning in circles...