Thursday, 31 December 2009

Suspect Stamps

"Stolen material" would make a great topic.

But it is one of those subjects if written about it may (or could) get a lot of people into trouble.

Royal Mail actually claimed (not so long ago) that it was confiscating certain material put up for sale on auction sites. Some of this material is still offered on these auction sites.

I do however agree that there are an awful lot of suspect stamps in collections and about the market place.

The blocks of 1972 £1.00 high values un-perforated are one lot that come to mind. Not a rare stamp as you can buy them now for £65.00. As Larry mentioned, there are others too the silver 1st class and 00 values are suspect also.

I know of a block of 40 Millennium Machin stamps printed by Walsall (purchased legit from a genuine high street retailer) which are also unique in the fact that they were never issued for sale in this format.

What else is out there in the wings waiting to be discovered?

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Anonymous said...

I had always assumed that most of the imperforate stamps and blindingly obvious errors that came on the market were just plain thefts from the printing production line; but then we get the missing "£" on the £2.00 sheet and printers using the wrong font in recent prestige booklets. Guess it's all down to poor quality control - which wouldn't matter if it wasn't for us sad idiots of collectors making them valuable!