Sunday, 31 January 2010

Airmail Machins (Clarification)


DGR86 is now available on line from The Deegam website

Details of the April tariff changes and new stamp colours are explained. There is also information about the stamps with 4 security ovals.

Ian Billings has kindly replied to my request for more information. He clarifies the position and adds to the debate by announcing that the 9p value will be amongst the Machin Values on sale.

"The new 20gr booklet stamps are same as the 40gr stamps but in new colours. The 20gr airmail stamps will be: Europe - emerald green World - mauve."

Ian continues :"This is the same same colour as the valued stamps, and in same design as the existing airmail stamps. The 9p will continue in use being the difference between 1st & 2nd class basic letter rate.

Full range is:

1,2,5,9,10,20,50,60,67,99,97,£1,£1.46 and the 4 high values."

Thanks Douglas and Ian for swift replies. It did not surprise me that the new 20 gr Airmail Machins would be a different colour to the existing 40 gr sister stamps.


GBStamps said...

In DGR86, Myall says that the stamps for 20g letters in booklets of four will be regular denominated Machins, not non-denominated universal stamps with words and stripes.


Machin Man said...


Do we have a picture.